Pallet racking for heavy loads

pallet racking  

solid construction

use of hot-rolled quality-steel

high security reserves, consideration of horizontal and dynamic forces

load capacity up to 15,200 kg at a height of first level at 2,000 mm

particularly suited for the storage of heavy goods and the application in robust, well organised, industrial environments

Hot-rolled steel is flexible and maintains its advantages regarding the high vertical load and its static characteristics. Other pallet racks made from folded sheet with 2 mm thickness can be damaged through light impacts. It can bend and loose its load carry capacity. This is very important for the frames. Therefore our frames are made of hot-rolled steel.

pallet racking

Storage of coils

pallet racking

4 pallets side by side, bay width 3.600 mm, up to 6 tons per level

pallet racking

10 m high, cement sacks stored in pallet racks

pallet racking

Storage of carpet rolls


Complete Pallet Racking

Pallet-rack system for individual requirements

bolted frames made of hot-rolled steel profiles

beams made of IPE-profiles with welded connecting plates

easy assembly – only few parts

”Key-hole” slots in the frames at every 100 mm

solid foot plates

surface painted RAL 5015 (sky-blue)

Our system includes elements to balance out the frames, safety-pins to protect the beams from being disconnected and anchors

pallet racking  
pallet racking  

Light level length:
Frame depth:
Rack length  
No. Of bays  
Light level length  
Frame depth  
Storage levels  
Frame profile  
Beam profile  
Max. load capacity per level  
Max. load capacity per bay  


Frame protector (standard)

U-shaped, solid profile, 400 mm high, with floor-plate and 2 anchors to fix into the floor. Marked black/yellow according to DIN 4844

pallet racking  


Frame drum-protector

Maximum security through rotating drum (replaceable) which absorbs and destroys the energy of the forklift truck impacts

pallet racking  

Article-No. Drum-type
PRSTET Spare drum
PRSTKO complete

Raised frame protector

For the protection of highly vulnerable frames from damage by forklift trucks, 900 mm high, with supporting leg, black/yellow, fixing bolts included

pallet racking  

Article-No. Frame
PRSE080 U80
PRSE100 U100

Special frame protector

To protect highly vulnerable areas of pallet racking, e.g. through-roads with excessive traffic, galvanised rail, supporting elements are varnished or galvanised for exterior use. Impacts are diverted into the floor. Anchors included, black/yellow safety mark

pallet racking  

Article-No. Length Rack model
PRSS120 1.200 For single rack
PRSS250 2.500 For double rack

Frame-height extension

Protection against falling goods at the end frame, 500 mm high, to be bolted with the frame

pallet racking  

Article-No. Frame depth Covering
PRE080 800 In frame colour
PRE100 1.000 galvanised
PRE120 1.200 In frame colour

Distance piece

To connect two single racks together to make one double rack. The distance between the racks is the result of the difference between the depth of the rack and the stored unit, adding 100 mm clearance. Up to a height of 4 mtrs only one distance piece is needed, higher racks need 2 distance pieces


Article-No. Length Covering
PDI100 100 In frame colour
PDI200 200 In frame colour
PDI300 300 galvanised
PDI400 400 In frame colour
PDI500 500 In frame colour

Anti-slip stop

Prevents the unintentional falling of the material. Necessary with double-racks if the distance between the loading units is less than 100 mm

pallet racking  

Article-No. Length of level
PDSS1827 1.800-2.700
PDSS2845 2.800-4.500

Load distribution beam

Hot-rolled HEA-profile which distributes the load of the frame over a larger area. Particularly suitable for poor quality load-bearing floors

pallet racking  

Article-No. Length Rack model
PLV1030 1.030 Single rack
PLV2330 2.330 Double rack

Pallet foot holder

For the safe storage of pallet-boxes, cross section L 80/40/6, suitable for pallet-boxes with 1,000 kgs total weight

pallet racking  

Article-No. Frame depth
PGB080 800
PGB100 1.000
PGB120 1.200

Display holder

Supporting frames for labels, either total rack area or individual rack-marking, made of tube profile 60/40/2, to be fixed with the frame, in rack colour or galvanised

pallet racking  

Article-No. Light width
PDH080 800
PDH100 1000

Separators, separating frames

For the vertical storage of wooden strips, doors, and frames in a pallet rack, consisting of cross beams RR 80/40/2 and ‘D’ shape separating frames

Beam for separators
vertical racking  

Article-No. Length
PFTAH18 1.800
PFTAH22 2.200
PFTAH28 2.800

Separating frame, pallet rack

Article-No. Depth Height
  [mm] [mm]
PFTTB8510 850 1.000

Supporting beams

Useful for the storage of timber and sheet plates, cases and other extensive goods. Max. load capacity is 1,200 kg each beam (distributed load).

pallet racking  

Article-No. Frame depth
PST080 800
PST100 1.000
PST120 1.200