Cantilever racks for manual handling

Cantilever racking  

for light up to middle-heavy loads of long goods and bulky parts

individual fitting for your existing warehouse

clearly laid out, direct access

possible extension at any time

lots of accessories for individual applications

powder-coated surface

this style of racking is suitable where the use of storage devices is not possible or not needed due to warehouse dimensions

telescopic arms (accessory) as help to increase the storage level in order to pick, compare or restore the material

suitable for the perfect presentation and storage of tiles, laminates and flooring

cantilever racks with inclined arms are suitable for the storage of whole bundles with a crane

Cantilever racking

Telescopic arms

shop racking

Racks for tiles

Cantilever racking

Racks with inclined arms

Cantilever racking

Rack with telescopic arms

Cantilever racking

Pine tree rack

Cantilever racking

Rack with inclined arms


Complete cantilever rack, manual handling

Complete racks for light and medium heavy, storage of long goods

Surface of columns and arms powder-coated RAL 5015 (sky-blue)

distance tubes and cross ties galvanised

foot level can be loaded unlimited

Delivery includes floor anchors and packing shims, fixing elements

Distance between columns 1,000 mm / 1,250 mm

Other colours are available at extra cost.

Cantilever racking

Single-sided, 5 levels
double-sided, 10 levels

Cantilever racking

5 columns, 1 cross tie


Rack model:
Rack length:
Usable depth:
Rack model  
Rack length  
Usable depth  
Distance between columns cent-to-cent  
No. of columns  
No. of storage levels  
Load capacity/level  
Total load capacity  


Roll-off Stops for tube arms
Cantilever racking  

Article-No. For arm profile Usable height
KAT4010 QR 40 100
KAT4020 QR 40 200
KAT6010 RR 60/40 100
KAT6020 RR 60/40 200
KAT8010 RR 80/40 100
KAT8020 RR 80/40 200

Telescopic arms
Cantilever racking  

Article-No. Loading length Arm profile Telescopic length Permitted load
  [mm]   [mm] [kg]
KA40.R7060 600 70/50/2,5 400 225
KA40.R7080 800 70/50/2,5 400 180