Cantilever racking for crane handling

Cantilever racking  

the ideal rack to store coils

storage for up to 15 tons single load

all coils can be accessed directly with a crane

highest density of the existing storage space

protection of your valuable material

heavy coils are not to be stored on the ground floor where moisture, dirt and warehouse operation can destroy your valuable material

the OHRA cantilever racks overcome these disadvantages and provide storage space – your goods can be safely stored

the arms are adjustable in the height so that the coils with different diameters can be stored without loss of storage space

a special storing pin (accessory) facilitates the handling with a forklift truck

Cantilever racking

Up to 15 tons load capacity per arm

Cantilever racking

Handling with telescopic crane

Cantilever racking

C-shaped hook for the storage of coils

Cantilever racking

Principal of the Coil storage

Cantilever racking

Storage of wooden panels with telescopic crane