Cantilever racks for middle-heavy up to heavy loads

Cantilever racking  

A lot of storage possibilities

continuous storage space without interruption of intermediate columns

flat storage levels for heavy timber boards or sheet metal plates

also ideal for storing goods with different sizes

highest flexibility, all components are easy to assemble/dismantle

arm adjustment every 100 mm

the ideal store for all goods which are heavy, unwiedly or long like steel tubes, bodywork parts, tools, etc.

goods on pallets with different sizes will find their place in a cantilever rack

suitable for the handling with a forklift truck or a crane

possible extension with modular construction system

fits in your existing warehouse

with accessories as arm-bridges or grids possible construction of a continuous storage level

it is possible to delivery in galvanised quality

Cantilever racking

Grids provide the continuous storage without obstacles created by uprights, ideal for storage goods with different sizes

Cantilever racking

Storage of chassis in solid OHRA-cantilever racks

Cantilever racking

Arm bridges provide a continuous storage – here for PVC-films with different sizes

Cantilever racking

Storage of steel sheets

Cantilever racking

Steel profiles in storage containers

Cantilever racking

Reel supporting beams


Complete cantilever rack, heavy loads

Complete racks for many storage applications

Distance between columns (c/c) 1,000 mm / 1,250 mm

height up to 9,000 mm, arm lengths from 800 mm up to 1,850 mm

quick adjustment of arms

consists of hot-rolled steel profiles for the columns and the arms

distance tubes and cross ties galvanised

columns and arms powder-coated RAL 5015 (sky-blue)

base level can be loaded unlimited

delivery includes heavy-duty anchors and elements to balance the floor, cross ties and assembly wedges

Cantilever racking

Single-sided, 5 levels
double-sided, 10 levels

Cantilever racking

5 columns, 1 cross tie


Rack model:
Rack length:
Usable depth:
Rack model  
Rack length  
Usable depth  
Distance between columns cent-to-cent  
No. of columns  
No. of storage levels  
Load capacity/level  
Total load capacity  


Marking plates

Ideal marking for cantilever racks, protruding plate with flexible spring

Cantilever racking  


Roll-off Stops for IPE-arms

Galvanised, smooth tube, D = 20 mm

Cantilever racking  

Article-No. Usable length
KSTD2010 100
KSTD2015 150
KSTD2020 200

Clamped arm-bridge

Arm-bridges (clamped) can be fixed between the arms without loss of height

also usable for pallets or different lengths of the goods, continuous storage level

highest flexibility, all parts are easy to assemble/dismantle

Examples: foils, different width of warp beams, storage of cable drums

arm-bridges (clamped) can be installed initially or later as required

clamped with self-tapping screws

other sizes and load capacities on demand

Cantilever racking  

Distance C/C:
Distance C/C  
Load capacity (distributed load)