Control and administration

automatic storage  

For an economic operation of a complex warehouse, all stocked articles and all stock-movements (receipt and exits, re-stores, reservations, etc.) are to be recorded with a systematic and continuous method. This can be effected in a conventional way by means of index cards, or computer-supported with the aid of a warehouse administration system.

On the basic of the recorded figures the warehouse administration system provides information about the stock status. You can see which article is stored in which location and how often it is handled. The warehouse administration system is able to manage the entry of the goods, from the record of the stored goods to the marking of different qualities, weight controls, up to the determination of the optimal storage place.

The same system manages and structures as well the transport of the goods in your warehouse. Through modern barcode-technology the total goods movement can be supervised and controlled. The different transports are effected by means of automated conveyor technologies oroptimised forklift truck conductive systems.

From an ordinary shelf-rack up to a full-automated high-rack the warehouse administration system optimises the existing storage capacities and manages all warehouse structures under consideration of important storage criterions. Part of these criterions are for example classifications of goods, hazardous materials, storage areas, etc.

The warehouse administration system can be adapted to the customer requirements in order to realise individual solutions. Even for you an optimal solution for your logistic system with the following advantages:

reduce of storage volume

reduce of warehouse operating costs

optimal apply of technique and operators

controlled goods movement

optimal cost effectiveness

possible modular extension

rack retrieval system

High-rack riser truck during the entrance in an aisle

automatic storage

dispatch supported by control and administration systems

automatic storage

Insides of a switchbox

automatic storage

Central processing unit of a conveyor system

automatic storage

Position chart of stored goods