Electricity from hydropower

OHRA relies on hydroelectricity

Combined use of hydropower with ecology. Since the middle of 2016, Ohra has been using regenerated electricity from hydropower. The company thus sets a sign that energy production is possible in harmony with nature.


Tesa Werke, Hamburg (D)

High load capacity for safe storage of dangerous goods.

The world's leading manufacturer of self-adhesive product and system solutions stores, among other, materials for the development of new adhesive tape components in robust, environmentally friendly pallet racks of OHRA. High load capacity for safe storage of dangerous goods.


Staatstheater Stuttgart (D)

Ideal conditions for a smooth running of the daily shows.

Opera, theater and ballet, all under one roof. A logistical challenge for the storage of scenery and costumes. OHRA provided for the new central warehouse a mobile Cantilever Racking system with 20 rows of racks of almost 60 meters length and 12 meters height. Ideal conditions for a smooth running of the daily shows.


WeberHaus, Wenden (D)

Manufacturers of pioneering systems.

For 35 years now, WeberHaus produces prefabricated houses and is one of the biggest suppliers north of the Main Line. OHRA supplied and installed cantilever racking and pallet racking with a load capacity of 5,000 kg per load bay. WeberHaus and OHRA – two leading manufacturers of pioneering systems for more than 30 years.


Liebherr, Rostock (D)

Experts when high loads are required.

In Rostock (Germany), Liebherr MCCtec produces, among other, maritime cranes with lifting capacities of up to 2000 tons. For the warehouse, OHRA supplied robust cantilever racks with high loads, a rack length of 48 m and a height of more than 6 m, including roof arms and roofing. Liebherr and OHRA – two experts when high loads are required.


MAN, Munich

Around the world with full force.

MAN marine engines can be found in giant container ships, for the storage of heavy aggregates during shipping. OHRA supplied robust pallet racks with high load capacities. Two leading companies - MAN and OHRA.


Coca-Cola GmbH, Berlin

A lasting story of success.

The Coca-Cola Company is characterized by dynamism, innovation and internationalism. In the area of ​​storage technology, OHRA are known for the same. i.e. With the production and the installation of robust storage platforms for the beverage wholesaler's industry. The story of success continues ...


Hilti AG, Schaan (Liechtenstein)

Innovative solutions and superior added value.

Hilti is one of the world's leading companies specialising in the field of fastening and demolition systems in the construction industry and allied trades. Hilti and Ohra both sell the complete range of systems through specialized sales consultants.Thanks to a customer-orientated and warehouse-specific consultation, OHRA has already delivered several cantilever racks for Hilti. OHRA and Hilti, two providers who both supply competent technical advice.


Siemens AG

Making renewable energy competitive.

The development of energy-saving solutions and the expansion of renewable energy continue. With our intelligent racking systems, we are helping to make these energy sources competitive. OHRA: Siemens’s preferred supplier for warehousing technology. Two powerful partners.


Deutsche Bahn

Competitive advantage with external partners like OHRA.

OHRA warehousing systems meet the exacting standards of the central procurement division of Deutsche Bahn. Sturdy racking systems in the maintenance areas ensure optimal provision of vital spare parts.



Kitchen know-how meets know-how in warehousing technology.

As a partner of Germany‘s largest manufacturer of fitted kitchens, OHRA supplied cantilever racking systems and mezzanines for the warehousing of furniture elements. For both companies, quality “made in Germany”, perfect execution, and individualized customer service are key success factors.



Rock bottom prices from Aldi with the help of Ohra.

Ohra and their partners have installed professional and rational mezzanine floor and gravity flow solutions in many Aldi distribution centres. Two leading businesses, Aldi and Ohra.


Henkel, Düsseldorf (D)

Persil washing powder, one of the top brands, is a synoym for trust and performance, just like Ohra.

Persil is stored in distribution warehouses in Drive-in racks and automated pallet rack installations made by Ohra and network partners. Two leaders in their business, Henkel and Ohra.


Zurich Opera house (Switzerland)

When the curtain falls, the work starts for Ohra behind the scenes of the Zurich Opera house.

A 70 metre long mobile cantilever racking installation was installed by Ohra to create space for Don Giovanni and co. 2 strong partners, the Zurich Opera house and Ohra.


Airbus Deutschland GmbH in Stade (Germany)

High tech carbon fiber composite parts securely stored in OHRA racks.

The Airbus plant in Stade is specialized in the production of carbon fiber composite components. In this application cantilever racking and A-frame vertical racking are particularly well suited; providing storage space and direct access to the various components.

Cantilever racking  
Cantilever racking  
vertical racking  

MEYER WERFT in Papenburg

OHRA delivers heavy duty racking to the world-renowned shipbuilder.

The MEYER WERFT has earned an excellent reputation worldwide as a specialist shipbuilding yard. The company is renowned for the construction of large, modern and sophisticated cruise liners.

The volume of materials required for building a cruise liner is enormous. Up to 200 km of pipes and tubes and some 2,000 km of cable are needed per commission.

For the stock-holding of huge heavy cable drums, OHRA provided robust cantilever racks for outdoor storage. All racking components are hot-dip galvanized and each storage level is fitted with saddle pipes, which simplify rolling off the cable lengths required.


Maybach parts in OHRA racks

Half-finished goods in the car manufacturing industry stored securely in heavy duty OHRA cantilever racking.