Mezzanine floor on pallet racking

pallet racking  

Reduce costs by doubling your existing storing space. No loss of valuable storage space above your racks. Maximising storage space up to a higher level. Our solid pallet racks made of hot-rolled steel profiles are the basic supporting elements for the mezzanine floor. Clearly laid-out creating effective enhanced space for your individual use.

planning, static calculation and assembly, all provided by our professional team

competent consulting and processing

Can be used for exterior storage with roof and walls

mezzanine floor

Exterior pallet-rack mezzanine with roof

mezzanine floor

3-floors pallet-rack mezzanine for doors and frames

mezzanine floor

Intermediate floor of a multi-storey pallet-rack mezzanine

mezzanine floor

Storage of wooden sheets in a pallet rack, above stock of bulky, voluminous goods