Mobile pallet racking

pallet racking  

nearly 100% more storage capacity compared with standard pallet racks

particularly suited for middle to high storage-volumes, with only a limited amount of miscellaneous articles and low access rate

depending on the goods, protection against dirt, moisture and theft

quick, smooth, very economic

mobile OHRA pallet racks offer a maximum storage capacity, efficient usage of space and organisation in your warehouse

other advantages are the easy maintenance, the easy operation and high reliability

The pallet racks are fixed on carriages, which can be moved on rails, pushed manually or motor-driven. With this technology it is possible to push racks together so that no aisle remains open.

pallet racking

Easy operation

pallet racking

Assembly of carriages

pallet racking

Systematic drawing of a conventional pallet rack installation

pallet racking

Up to 50% space-saving with a mobile pallet-rack installation