Chipboard racking

chipboard racking  

solid and durable construction

possible extension through modular systems

easy handling through smooth-running rollers in front of each compartment

clearly laid-out and safe storage in compartments

direct access for cutting-processes

chipboard racking

Clearly laid out storage of different board sizes

chipboard racking

Systematic drawing of a closed board rack

chipboard racking

Systematic drawing of an open board rack

chipboard racking

On stock, level separators in the height

chipboard racking

Use of the second floor as storing space

Closed chipboard rack

Ideal for boards and working material, as well for residues

Solid and durable construction made of square-tubes

Clip- and bolting-technology for an easy assembly

Easy handling by means of smooth-running rolls (fixed in front of each compartment

The racks are expandable at any time to your requirements

High-quality powder paint in RAL 5015, sky-blue

Height separators as required

Internal compartment-width = 400 mm

Basic unit consists of 2 compartments, additional compartments as required

chipboard racking  

Rack model:
Rack model  
Light level length  


Chipboard for chipboard rack

Article-No. Plate type Width Height
    [mm] [mm]
SPRB4025RR 400 2.500
SPRB4040RR 400 4.000
SPRB4050RR 400 5.000