Mezzanine Floors - Components and technology

mezzanine floor  

The material
OHRA-mezzanines are always produced of hot-rolled quality steel, dependent on the requirements and load capacity of the mezzanine. All static calculations and processing’s are in accordance with DIN 18800, ZH 1/428

The columns
The mezzanine columns are made of square-tubes or hot-rolled quality steel, dependent on the requirements and loads for the mezzanine. Height and distance of the columns are variable and fit into the given dimensions. All connections and supply points according to DIN 18800 and ZH 1/428

bolts and beams
Bolts and columns, made of hot-rolled steel, together make the frames of the mezzanine. Hot-rolled steel enables a lower construction height over larger distances between the columns. The beams, made of hot-rolled steel or Sigma-profiles if possible, are the main support for the floor-covering. The beams are fixed on this frame without any loss of height.

The cross ties
The cross ties, made from flat steel bars, are necessary to make the mezzanine a rigid construction. Horizontal cross ties are fixed underneath the beams, and vertical cross ties are provided on the end wall. All cross ties are statically calculated and included in the delivery.

The stairs
To access the mezzanine, we use stairs designed for low vibration. The stairs can be fixed anywhere, even underneath the mezzanine. All stairs have banisters rails on both sides, normally made of steel. Steps are made of grids, timber or sheet metal.

The hand railing
The hand railings are fixed to the mezzanine construction. The supports for the railing are made of steel and will be delivered in the same colour as the mezzanine. The knee-rail and hand rail are available in steel or timber (Meranti). Knee-rail and kick plates are part of our standard service.

The supply station
The supply station for material is produced and assembled according to UVV-regulations ZH 1/428 under consideration of minimum sizes. Normally the supply station is protected with a chain. We also offer double-doors or space-saving sliding gates.

The floor covering
The choice of the floor coating depends on the end use of the mezzanine. Normally we use chipboards V20 E1, 38 mm, rough/rough which are assembled with tongue and grooved. For more illumination levels underneath the mezzanine you can also have chipboards rough/white or anti-slip surfaces. Other possibilities are coatings with grids, sheet metal plates or trapezoidal sheets.

The surface/colours
All steel components are sandblasted according to regulation SA 2,5 and coated with high quality powder coated finish. Standard colours are RAL 5015 (sky-blue), RAL 6011 (reseda-green) and RAL 3000 (fire-red). Other colours are available at extra cost. If requested we can supply all components in galvanised quality.

mezzanine floor

Hot-rolled steel for columns (3), bars (1) and beams (2) guarantee a low construction height

mezzanine floor

Low-vibration quality stairs with grated steps , here fixed from the side

mezzanine floor

Supply station with security chain

mezzanine floor

Specialized fitters guarantee a professional installation