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OHRA racks – automated storage Stacker cranes and warehouse management software

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Automated storage

According to the requirements for a semi-automatic or fully-automatic warehouse, our specialists will plan and configure the selection of the appropriate conveyor device and the suitable racking systems in close collaboration with our customers. Configuration of the crane stackers is based on the type of automation task, the products and the spatial conditions. All stacker cranes may be designed both aisle-bound or with curve-operation option. Thus, the customer can operate several rack aisles with only one device.

OHRA stacker cranes for warehouse automation

By integration of the mechanical system for track change in the chassis and thanks to the intelligent interaction of the in-house warehouse management software, the use of several trucks in one system is possible. In this way, elaborate and cost-intensive conveyor systems between the respective rack aisles are no longer required. The entire range of stacker cranes includes devices for small high-rise racks and automatic process buffers to vehicles intended for storage of pallets and pallet cages, and up to two-mast vehicles with a load-bearing capacity of 8,000 kg and a height of up to 25 metres.

OHRA automated storage

  • Rack and device configuration from one single shop
  • Warehouse management software can be supplied
  • Large selection of device types
  • Optional use of curve-operated and aisle-bound devices possible
  • Bearing loads of up to 8,000 kg

Stacker cranes

With a load-bearing capacity of up to 8 tons, the device from this model range is particularly useful when handling heavy and large-volume goods in high-rise racks is required. This is particularly the case in the building materials, timber, slab or paper-processing industries. 

OHRA two-mast stacker crane for long goods and heavy products

Thus, economic storage is possible with a small footprint. Using the “man at the goods” principle, the manual standard devices with standard platforms can be used for direct order-picking at the rack.

OHRA stacker cranes for long goods – your benefits

  • Particularly suited for long goods
  • Bearing loads of up to 8,000 kg
  • Device can be delivered with a platform for manual order-picking
  • Curve-operation - handling of several aisles possible

OHRA stacker crane for storage heights of up to 12 m

For automatic storage of Euro pallets and pallet cages in storage heights of up to 12 metres, OHRA provides a special stacker crane model as a true alternative of VNA trucks. The device can be curve-operated, is favourably priced and is based on a modular concept. Its special chassis also allows for direct driving on the hall floor.

OHRA stacker cranes for storage heights of up to 12 m – your benefits

  • Particularly suited for order-picking warehouses or automated buffer warehouses
  • Building height of up to 12 m
  • Alternative for very narrow aisle warehouses
  • Curve-operation - handling of several aisles possible

OHRA stacker crane for storage heights of up to 25m

This OHRA stacker crane is intended for storage of pallets and pallet caged materials in high-rise racks of up to 25 metres and has successfully performed in the automation market for decades. Typically equipped with telescopic forks for single- or double-depth storage or alternatively with a shuttle system or special load-carrying device – with customised configuration depending on requirements. Fully automatic option or semi-automatic operation with complete driver’s cabin.

OHRA stacker cranes for high-rise racks – your benefits

  • Particularly suited for high-performance warehouses
  • For pallets and pallet cages, building heights up to 25 m
  • Curve-operation - handling of several aisles possible

Warehouse management software

The entire material flow of a warehouse or a production facility can be controlled fully automatically. Our strengths are especially in scenarios with new products, where the goal is to adjust the logistics system to your existing organisation structure, not the other way around(!). The basis for this is an initial analysis of the actual situation and a jointly deduced future forecast. Based on the data collected on item turnover and company structure, we will develop solution concepts together with your employees. These will later be used as a specification book for automated storage.

OHRA warehouse management software - digital automation

The WMS is a comprehensive and optionally configurable standard system. You can achieve fast and lasting cost savings through optimum deployment of employees and technical system and simultaneous improvement of the process quality and reduction of the storage volume.

OHRA warehouse management software

  • Analysis of the actual situation
  • Solution development
  • Presentation of results
  • Compilation of the specifications book
  • Optimisation of storage capacity
  • Fifo-Lifo-BBD
  • ABC classification
  • Blocking of bays/stock
  • Order-picking optimisation

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