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OHRA industry solutions Industry-specific storage systems for your products

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Building materials

The secure and efficient storage of your product range ensures greater customer satisfaction and is a critical factor for saving time and money in the warehouse. The storage and presentation of heavy products in particular represents a major challenge. 

Many types of shelving systems quickly reach capacity. Here, OHRA racking systems prove to be robust, durable and reliable. They meet all conditions necessary for accommodating as much heavy building-material products as possible in less space. The high quality of the pallet and cantilever racking, made from hot-rolled steel profiles, ensures a durable and economical storage solution for your building materials storage.

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Cantilever racks

Cantilever racking is especially suitable for the storage of long, bulky and heavy stored goods, e.g. timber, gypsum plaster boards, concrete, amouring iron or steel profiles. These robust storage systems, which are made of hot-rolled standardized steel profiles, do not have any front face supports, offering a long uninterrupted storage level and are, therefore, suitable for the storage of varying product sizes and assortments on one storage level. To avoid damage to the racking and more importantly your stock, the cantilever arms are designed so that; on impact, the height adjustable arms move up and sideways. OHRA cantilever racking is manufactured individually and can be positioned indoors and outdoors, if desired with roof and wall.

  • Rack columns and cantilevers made of solid, hot rolled IPE steel profiles
  • Preparation for later double-sided use is available as an option
  • Horizontally mountable and detachable cantilever arms (K+H system)   

Pallet racks

The OHRA P3 pallet racking has been developed especially for the construction industry, in order to store heavy loads such as bricks, concrete parts or cement bags safely. When storing a large variety of palletised products, pallet racking is widely accepted as the most universal storage systems. In the construction material sector the storage of heavy and bulky goods is a challenge. Most conventional pallet racks are at full capacity and max out their loading capacities. OHRA Pallet Racks are long lasting and stable! The use of hot-rolled steel profiles for the supporting components of OHRA’s pallet racking allows for the safe storage of your goods. The high-quality of the frames and beams ensures a durable and thus economical solution for your building material warehouse. The use of hot-rolled steel profiles allows for high load capacities even with large storage levels.

Your benefits:

  • Bay load up to 32,700 kg, beam load up to 5,100 kg
  • Standard beam width up to 4,500 mm
  • Material thickness of frames 6-15 mm
  • High-quality powder coating
  • Hot-dip galvanized design for outdoor stora

Rack clad buildings

For outside storage, the racks can be covered individually. OHRA provides various roof constructions. OHRA rack clad buildings perfectly unite necessary building functionality with the purpose of a conventional rack system. They are therefore less expensive than conventional warehouses filled with racking, because the rack frames serve as supporting elements for roof and wall. Independent building constructions is, therefore, normally unnecessary. Individual design versions allow customization of your storage requirements. From planning, through the construction, manufacturing, delivery and installation – everything is from one source.

Storage platforms

OHRA steel platforms can be used in various ways. Whether as additional storage area, picking area, sales floor or work space, the individual design possibilities are endless. The self-supporting construction fits into any existing building and can be customized individually according to the available space. Creating additional storage place without changing the existing structure. 

A low-cost solution for doubling warehouse space.

  • Payloads standard 250 – 1,000 kg
  • Distance between supports up to 8.5 m.
  • Suitable for dynamic loads with a stacker, for example
  • Up to 5 floors feasible

Vertical Racks

For many goods, such as moulding, profiles, bars or tubes, vertical racking systems are the perfect and customer-friendly type of storage. Different items and sizes can be sorted and presented to be readily accessible in the warehouse or sales room.

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