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Mobile rackings OHRA racking – movable on beds

Mobile racking systems

In the industrial warehouse dynamic or mobile racking systems are modern solutions for a compact warehouse. Single racks are mounted on traversing carriages, which can be pushed together by means of rails and rollers. For the stock storage and retrieval the required aisle is opened by an electronically controlled drive train. The result is a substantial decrease of transport routes and an increase in area of up to 100% compared to fixed racks.

  • Compact storage on a small foot print
  • Modern racking system for a wide range of applications
  • High cost-efficiency and storage capacity thanks to optimal space utilization
  • Effortless rail-wheel-system for quiet and durable operation
  • Decrease of transport routes while simultaneously increasing the available storage area

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Mobile cantilever racks

Mobile cantilever racks allow for most efficient utilisation of space within your warehouse. Depending on the selected design, the storage capacity may be increased by up to 100%. Mobile racking is ideal for bulky storage goods with a low access frequency. For that purpose, the racks are mounted on beds, which may be designed up to 70 metres in length. The beds can be moved apart either manually or by radio remote control so that the only required aisle is opened.

OHRA racking – movable on beds

The beds for the movable racking are operated on rails, which have been previously installed in the floor. Retrospective installation of rails and beds for your existing OHRA cantilever racking in the existing storage spaces is also possible. At the end of the working day, the racks are positioned in the night position so that unwanted access by forklift trucks is prevented. We attach equally great importance to reliable safety and tried standards for mobile racking as for our standard racking. The OHRA cantilever racking on beds comply with the provisions of Regulation BGR 234 of the German employers’ liability association and the CE standards.

OHRA mobile racking – your benefits

  • Increase of storage capacity of up to 100%
  • Operation via radio remote control
  • Subsequent installation of rails in existing buildings is possible
  • Safety as per BGR 234 and CE

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Kragarmregale auf Verfahrwagen, Skizze 3-D
Kragarmregale auf Verfahrwagen
Kragarmregale auf verfahrwagen
Kragarmregale auf Verfahrwagen
Palettenregale auf Verfahrwagen
Palettenregale auf Verfahrwagen
Palettenregale auf Verfahrwagen
Palettenregale auf Verfahrwagen

Pallet racks on trolleys

Movable pallet racks are dynamic racking systems and are suitable for palletised goods that require compact storage with a low footprint. With this storage system, the robust pallet racks are installed on torsion-resistant moving trolleys. The complete rack is moved as a single racking unit by means of either electronic or manual control. The trolleys are moved on rails, which can be implemented both in new systems and retrospectively in existing floors. In this way, only one active aisle is required per rack run of the pallet rack. This results in a high degree of utilisation of the available space since only one aisle is open, i.e. in the position where goods are stored into or retrieved from the rack.

OHRA racking - optimum utilisation of space due to trolleys

Movable racks ensure low-noise movement and are pushed together without any gaps. Outside the operating hours, the racking system can be switched to “night position”. In that case, the individual racks of the pallet racking system are opened at equal distances, which are so narrow that none of the aisles can be accessed with a forklift truck. In this way, the movable racks also provide efficient theft protection.

OHRA pallet racking on trolleys – your benefits

  • Very compact system for storage of large amounts with a small footprint
  • Very efficient utilisation of space
  • Increased storage capacity
  • Protection of valuable goods from theft due to “Night position” of the rack blocks

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Features and options

Various features are available for the extended configuration of your OHRA racking system, both standard and optional - such as

  •     WMS connection
  •     Light barriers to prevent passenger traffic or several forklifts in one aisle
  •     Inductive or optical limit switches
  •     Optical foot switches to avoid the danger of crushing
  •     Gang light with or without forklift counter function
  •     Siemens S7 control
  •     Night position to prevent theft
  •     Tiller operation

References for mobile racking systems

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RBB Aluminium
Ronge Profil

Ronge Profil

In the new production facilities of Ronge Profil GmbH in Alfeld an der Leine, 300 to 400 tons of sheet metal needed to produce metal façade elements are stocked in cantilever racking from OHRA.

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RBB Aluminium

RBB Aluminium

RBB Aluminium AG, at its main location Wallscheid, in Germany's Eiffel region, has erected an additional warehouse, in which aluminium profiles up to 6 meters in length are stored. 

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