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Cantilever racks for building materials

Alkain: Optimal use of space

Alkain, the largest building materials retailer in Gipuzkoa, has expanded its existing racking system with racks from the company OHRA to generate additional storage capacity. Different variants and accessories were used:

Thus, the racking uprights act as supports for a roof and the guide rails allow use as narrow aisle storage and the metal bridges provide continuous storage, for example, pallets of different sizes without having to avoid the obtrusive intermediate supports of the structure.

With more than 30,000 square meters of space at the two locations Hondarribia and Astigarraga, Alkain offers a wide range of building materials for both private and commercial customers. The product spectrum ranges from wooden beams and insulation materials, to bricks and tiles, to construction chemistry and everything necessary for the construction sector. Different types of goods are stored in different areas:

The palletised building materials are located in the same warehouse. Alkain mounted its first Cantilever rack with OHRA moving arms back in 2008. Each folding carrier is designed for a load of up to 1915kg. The goods are stored on four levels. With the bridges between the arms,  the goods can be stored continuously without damaging the obtrusive intermediate stands. This space almost doubled in 2017. With arms on four levels, the longest of which is 64.9 metres long, enough storage capacity is available for the growing activity of Alkain.

In 2017, new Cantilever racks with the same features as those in the interior space have been added in an adjoining zone to the main hall to expand storage capacity. The new racks with four height levels were installed under the roof and today allow for a simplified inventory control compared to fixed storage. At the same time, access to the goods is facilitated, thereby shortening the unloading times of the goods.

Outside, a Cantilever rack with roof girders consisting of OHRA moving arms, was added over the course of 2017 as a warehouse for various materials such as wood, iron and heavy building materials. The robust arms are used to carry the weight of the goods with a load capacity of 1850kg per arm and distributed over five levels. In some areas of this outdoor installation, bridges have been added between the arms and bases to accommodate large palletized material. In order to carry the weight of the roof, special roof racks were installed, which are designed for this function. The guides on the racks enable the mechanical receipt of goods onto shelves of up to 62 meters on five levels, with the help of a side-loading trolley.

About Juan Alkain Jauregui S.A.:

Juan Alkain Jauregui S.A., Alkain for short, has been offering building materials for various sectors since 1951.The range of products includes products for the garden and the bathroom, ranging from decoration to the do-it-yourself range and from floor-to-ceiling, as well as electrics and sanitary facilities.Commercial customers not only receive all the required materials and tools from Alkain, but also have access to financing and delivery services.Alkain today employs around 75 people.


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