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Car dismantler & towing services

The temporary storage of vehicles is a major challenge for towing services, local authorities and public service providers. Especially when it comes to car-friendly and space-saving storage, the possibilities are limited.

Uniform European guidelines for recycling and conditioning of old vehicles and spare parts, prescribe a certain and environmentally friendly storage of your products. The optimal warehouse technology for your business purpose must correspond to these guidelines. The default leads frequently to punishments and in emergency to denial of license. A further reason to choose the correct warehouse technology supplier.

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More area - your utility: 67% saving

Warehouse possibility for 18 vehicles. The necessary floor base for conventional storage of 18 old vehicles amounts to ca. 146 sqm. No direct access, sophisticated handling by ranking of vehicles.

Warehouse possibility for 18 vehicles. The same number of end-of-life vehicles requires only 48 sqm floor bases, due to the storage in robust cantilever shelving system. Each vehicle is now directly accessible. There is no sophisticated ranking of vehicles.

Area saving through storage in robust cantilever shelving system

Cantilever racking

OHRA has designed and developed the robust cantilever racking for vehicles and spare parts, particularly for car recycling companies and towing services. This storage system provides sufficient power reserves for a safe storage in the height as well as a direct access to each single part. This results in an enormous saving of space, and the feeding to the recycling process is more efficient thanks to less handling. Sturdy hot-rolled steel profiles for all load-bearing elements of the cantilever racking permit a safe storage of several stacked vehicles. The high quality of the cantilever columns and arms assures a long-lasting and economical solution for the storage at car dismantling companies and towing services.

  • Columns and cantilever arms made of solid, hot-rolled IPE steel profiles
  • Slot-in, height-adjustable cantilever arms for different types of vehicles
  • High Quality powder coating
  • Hot-dip galvanised finish for the external storage area

Pallet racking

Robust pallet racks are particularly suited for a material-friendly storage of wheels, tires and rims as well as for spare parts, small articles or even for bulky components such as engines and gears. OHRA pallet racks are produced of hot-rolled steel profiles instead of thin sheet metal. Therefore, they prove to be efficient and safe, particularly at high loads. The high quality guarantees a long-lasting and thus economical solution for your business

References for automobile recyclers

Desguace Alarcán
Desguace Alarcán

Desguace Alarcán

The Spanish automobile recycler Desguace Alarcón has expanded its storage capacity for end-of-life vehicles with OHRA cantilever racks.

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