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Legalny Autozlom


Three old cars on top of each other - but safely!

The car recycler Legalny Autozłom no longer simply stores end-of-life vehicles stacked on the floor, but in robust cantilever racks from OHRA. This means that the company can now store twice as many vehicles in the same space. Thanks to the high load-bearing capacity of the racks made of hot-rolled steel profiles, the vehicles, each of which may weigh over 2 tonnes, are now stored on three levels. In addition, the storage system now allows direct access to individual vehicles and creates more order in the storage area overall.

Higher storage capacities required
Until now, Legalny Autozłom stored the end-of-life vehicles on the floor of the 3,000-square-metre outdoor area, two stacked on top of each other. But the storage capacities were exhausted with this storage method. In addition, until now the cars had to be relocated to get to a desired vehicle. This cost time and repeatedly led to damage to the cars that were still to be recycled.

More cars per square metre
Legalny Autozłom therefore decided to use cantilever racking from OHRA. The European market leader for cantilever racking has developed and optimised a robust cantilever racking system for vehicles and vehicle parts especially for recycling companies and towing services. Robust hot-rolled steel profiles for the load-bearing elements of the cantilever racks enable safe storage of several cars on top of each other. The high quality of the rack uprights and cantilever arms also guarantees a durable and economical solution.

13 Racks Instead of Floor Storage
OHRA installed a total of thirteen almost four-metre-high racks, each with three storage levels, on the outside of the car recycler's premises. The cantilever arms are hooked in and thus very easily height-adjustable for different vehicles. Each of the 1,800mm long cantilever arms can be loaded with up to 1,233 kilograms. The racks comply with the requirements for safe and environmentally friendly storage of the European directives on the recycling and treatment of end-of-life vehicles. Thus, obtaining the building permit - required in Poland - for the OHRA racking system was no problem.

50 per cent more cars in the same space
Thanks to the new racking system, Legalny Autozłom can now not only store twice as many vehicles in the same space, but the handling effort is also lower and the feeding to the recycling process is thus significantly more economical. In addition, the new racking is also an asset in terms of occupational safety.