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Information - COVID-19/ Coronavirus

Statement regarding the current situation


04.05.2020, 08.30 am

Dear customers, dear partners,

The easing of the various corona prevention measures has begun throughout Europe in order to slowly revive public life and gradually return to normality.  Nevertheless, certain restrictions will continue to accompany us for some time to come. Today we would like to inform you about the current status at OHRA:

We are very pleased that within our group of companies no employee has been personally affected by COVID-19 so far. Furthermore we are taking care that the prevailing hygiene and distancing guidelines for the protection of all employees are observed.

Our production is still running smoothly. All customer orders can be produced and delivered punctually and in full. We are working closely and actively with our suppliers and contractors. All agreements and processes that have been established are functioning very well.

In short: We are capable of delivering, and we will remain at your service without restrictions.

In our 40-year company history, we have overcome several crises with success. Therefore we can assure you also for the coming months that OHRA will survive this crisis and that we will continue to be at your service.

Our sales representatives are at your disposal. We will gladly advise you by phone or online via video. Just contact us under the customary telephone numbers or by e-mail info@ohra.co.uk.

We wish you all the best, and remain healthy!

Your OHRA Team


01.04.2020, 10.45 am

Dear customers, dear partners,

these are challenging times for all of us and we sincerely hope you are all well.

Despite the current situation we can assure you that we are still here for you.We are currently still working at full capacity, our stocks are well balanced and our production is running efficiently.  Furthermore, we are in daily contact with our suppliers and partners.

You can contact our employees as usual on +44 2380 292442 or by e-mail to info@ohra.co.uk. Our representatives in the field and in other countries are equally at your disposal under the familiar contact details.

We wish you all the best, and stay healthy!

Your OHRA Team


16.03.2020, 5.30 pm

Dear customers, dear partners,

due to the development of COVID-19/ Corona many people are worried. The current situation in Europe is also a great challenge for us as a company. We too would like to play our part in slowing down the spread of the virus and both protect the safety of our employees as much as possible and continue to maintain our operations and be able to act. For this reason, we have taken various organisational measures.

We would like to inform you here how we are dealing with the current situation:



Our company is currently capable of production and delivery. According to the latest information, the cross-border movement of goods is currently not restricted. Fortunately, we have not yet had any direct cases of illness within the company.

Agreements are currently being made within our group of companies in order to be able to draw on various pools and resources across companies. This concerns on the one hand our service providers and suppliers, on the other hand the areas of production / maintenance / servicing.

Further measures are also being taken within the company to separate important production-related work groups from each other in terms of time and space during the day.



You can reach us as usual at +44 2380 292442 or by e-mail to info@ohra.co.uk .

Our field staff are working from home office and are still available for you. As precautionary measures, however, there are travel restrictions in many countries. Nevertheless, we will do everything possible to continue to provide you with the best possible service.

Furthermore, we are also looking into the possibility of relocating further office workstations to the home office.

We offer installation services in all European countries, as far as possible with local fitters. As long as they are free to travel, we will continue to arrange installation dates in consultation with you.

We will keep you informed about all current developments on our website. If you have any questions, please contact your responsible field representative or send us an email to info@ohra.co.uk .

Stay healthy!