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OHRA is expanding in the UK!

We are delighted to announce that we have secured another top sales professional for the OHRA UK sales team. Barry Lappin represents OHRA as the Regional Technical Sales Manager for the North and Scotland since 1st July. He brings over 20 years of sales experience, having worked in project sales for UK manufacturers of storage equipment and in the building supplies trade during his early career in Northern Ireland.

Barry, his wife and 4 boys moved from Northern Ireland 9 years ago to the North of England. He spends his spare time playing golf and attending a lot of football matches watching his sons and being a taxi driver for them all also.

Barry's primary focus will be on expanding our regional client base and showcasing OHRA's storagesolutions to potential new customers. He thrives on direct collaboration with customers and building on the relationship. Ensuring the clients receive storage solutions perfectly aligned with their requirements.

In the coming weeks, Barry will undergo comprehensive orientation at our headquarters. His induction will extend beyond the office, as he embarks on a tour of our operations across multiple countries. This journey will provide Barry with firsthand experience of OHRA's activities not only in the UK, but also in Ireland and throughout continental Europe.

We wish him the best of success. His addition to the team marks an exciting new chapter, and we're confident he'll make significant strides in his role.

So, stay tuned for further updates on our UK operations.