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DEG Butzbach


2,800 Meters of Racking Assembled in Two Weeks

At its site in Butzbach, Europe’s leading wholesaler in the roofing industry, the DEG Alles für das Dach eG, has erected a new warehouse for wood products. The ca. 2,800 meters of cantilever racks and 300 storage spaces composed of pallet and cantilever racks was assembled by OHRA in just two weeks.

Following a significant increase in sales in the central Hesse region, with its new warehouse the DEG can now supply its customers and branches in the area with even greater efficiency. The new warehouse provides space for around 1,000 cubic metres of construction wood, glued laminated timber in lengths from 5 to 16 meters as well as modern wooden board materials, wood fibre products, planed goods and a basic range of roofing supplies.

OHRA was commissioned with the supply and assembly of the racks for the new warehouse in Butzbach. The cantilever racks of the Kerpen based company specialised in warehouse systems for the timber and building materials trade had already proven themselves at other DEG sites. The advisory skills of the OHRA experts, the timely completion of the entire project as well as the short delivery times proved convincing. From the first contact to the commissioning of the warehouse took less than ten weeks – even though existing crane runways and facilities from the warehouse’s previous user had to be integrated into the rack systems.

The specialists from Kerpen assembled the 236 storage spaces for solid construction wood and glued laminated timber composed of rows of 40 and 50 meter-long and 6.2 meter high cantilever racks in just two weeks. Thus, a total of 2,800 meters of racking was installed for long timber. An additional 300 storage spaces were also created using pallet and cantilever racks for the storage of pallet goods and the basic range of supplies. The warehouse is served by two Hubtex side-loading forklifts and one Linde front-loading forklift. In the first six months following commissioning alone, around 3,300 cubic metres of wood were sold.

About DEG Alles für das Dach eG

The DEG is a cooperative for the roofing trade and supplies high quality products and services related to the roof. Europe’s leading wholesaler in the roofing trade with branches in Germany, the Czech Republic and Luxemburg has a workforce of 880 and in 2011 generated sales of around 468 million Euros. At DEG, roofers can find everything they need for converting, extending or building new roofs. With more than 300,000 square meters of storage space, 55 branches at home and abroad guarantee the optimal availability of a wide range of products.