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pallet racking system
pallet racking system
pallet racking
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Over 30 percent more storage capacity

Forever GmbH, manufacturer of transfer media for colour copiers, laser printers and other printing systems, has equipped its warehouses with cantilever and pallet racks from OHRA. Their construction, based on hot-rolled steel profiles, offers the necessary load-bearing capacity to safely store paper rolls and containers, some of which weigh several tons. Since all dimensions of the racks can be adapted to individual requirements, the space available in the storage rooms could be used very well - the company was able to realize over 30 percent more storage capacity in the existing warehouse. 

Forever is internationally successful with its products for digital transfer printing and supplies customers in over 100 countries. Hence, the storage capacities for paper and the necessary chemicals had to be expanded significantly. The company not only built a new warehouse, but also replaced the racks in the old warehouse area. Forever chose racking systems from OHRA: Using solid steel profiles for all load-bearing elements, they achieve the high load-bearing capacity that is necessary to safely store containers weighing up to 1.5 tons and paper rolls weighing up to 1.3 tons in the pallet racks. In addition, a cantilever rack enables the gentle storage of additional paper rolls that are up to 160 centimetres wide and weigh up to 800 kilograms: For this purpose, the cantilever arms are designed as a "round tube". A cone at the top of the arms ensures that the paper rolls with their sleeves can easily be pushed onto the arm. A total of 92 of these paper rolls can be stored in the 26.4m long and 5m high cantilever rack. OHRA has tailored both the cantilever and pallet racks exactly to the (space) requirements of Forever; Forever was able to define all dimensions themselves. This made the best possible use of the available space and increased the storage capacity compared to the old racking system in the existing storage area by more than 30 percent.

For Forever, the safety of the OHRA racks was also an important argument: Especially when handling heavy containers and paper rolls with forklifts and electric pallet trucks, the rack supports can be bumped. But in such a case, the hot-rolled steel of the OHRA racks gives way and retains its advantages to the high vertical load-bearing capacity even with a knock. Because there is less damage to the racks at Forever today, the company also benefits from greater inventory security.

About Forever:

Forever GmbH has been developing and producing transfer media for colour copiers, laser printers and other printing systems since 1989. The company, based in Heddesheim (near Mannheim), is one of the first manufacturers to offer suitable transfer paper for new-generation colour copiers and laser printers. Forever is one of the few manufacturers in this industry and offers complete solutions for printing on all types of different materials.