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FX Ruch


Space for Variety

The building material dealer FX Ruch relied completely on racking systems from OHRA for the renovation and new construction of its building material store in Radolfzell. Despite the variety of materials, shapes and sizes of the different articles, the company was able to obtain all necessary racking systems from one source. Thanks to the tailor-made pallet and cantilever racking for indoor and outdoor use, FX Ruch has been able to combine high storage capacity with significantly more efficient logistics processes.

Three storage areas in 6,000 square metres
The aim of the renovation and new building of the Radolfzell branch was to create more space for a greater number of items, as well as to improve the quality and speed of throughput times. Previously, the inefficient use of storage capacity at the 6,000 square metre site had led to delays in storage and retrieval, and therefore in customer collection. In addition to a large outdoor storage area and a 1,500 square metre warehouse, the new 1,000 square metre drive-in area is the central hub of the modernised branch.

22 single racks
Due to the different materials, OHRA equipped the storage areas with both cantilever and pallet racking. A total of 22 single and double-deep racks with a height of up to 7,500 millimetres were installed. Each rack is individually configured for the different goods in terms of load capacity, number of storage levels and accessories. While the indoor racking is painted in the desired colour, the outdoor racking is galvanised to protect it from the elements. Some of the racking units are fitted with support posts or grids for maximum flexibility when storing items of different sizes. Another special feature is the end rack of the hall: It has been designed to accommodate a sheet piling between the racking uprights, thus forming the rear wall of the building.

More efficient picking and delivery
By restructuring the storage areas with OHRA cantilever and pallet racking, FX Ruch was able to significantly improve the quality and speed of the logistics processes. Goods can be delivered and stored more quickly, throughput times have been reduced and customers receive their goods in a much shorter time.