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Door open for high efficiency

Gerbrich, a manufacturer of interior, fire protection and security doors based in Velké Opatovice in the Czech Republic, has equipped the warehouse in the new building of its production with cantilever racks from OHRA. The racks, made of hot-rolled steel profiles, enable high load-bearing capacities with a slim design. Thus, Gerbrich was able to create considerable storage capacities in the space available.

The new company building is the logical continuation of Gerbrich's development from a small joinery founded in 1897 to a production plant equipped with state-of-the-art technology. Highly efficient production requires a reliable supply of the materials needed - chipboard and laminate panels, door trim and other components necessary for the manufacture of the doors.

Clearly arranged and directly accessible
Cantilever racking from OHRA, the European market leader for these racking systems, is the basis for the efficient storage processes required for this: Goods and materials can be stored neatly, safely, and clearly on the various loading levels and can be easily sorted, for example, by material or dimension. Every article is directly accessible, time-consuming handling and searching for the right pieces is no longer necessary.

357 tonnes of material for production
At the same time, the stable profiles made of hot-rolled steel enable a high load-bearing capacity with a slim design. The racks at Gerbrich are 6,500 millimetres high and have seven storage levels, with each of the 2-metre-long cantilever arms having a load-bearing capacity of 700 kilograms. Gerbrich installed a single-sided, 22.5 metre long racking run as well as a double-sided, 19.5 metre long run: In total, material with a total weight of 357 tonnes can be stored in them.

Efficient processes
Thanks to OHRA's support in the development of the overall concept and in the optimal dimensioning, the system could be tailored exactly to the production requirements at Gerbrich. Today, the cantilever racks enable fast handling, a good overview of the stock as well as high storage capacities - and thus ensure efficient production and further growth of the company.