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Rapid access to fabric rolls

Up until a year ago, Getzner's textile weaving mill in Gera stored fabric rolls required to produce high-quality clothing on the floor. However, this repeatedly resulted in damage to the fabric rolls and made access to the required fabric rolls difficult. Since the end of 2018, the company's storage warehouse has been equipped with cantilever racks from OHRA. The three racks, which are up to 25.2 meters long, offer space for a total of 124 fabric rolls, each weighing up to 800 kilograms. Now any fabric roll can be accessed directly, and the company always has an excellent overview of the stored goods. Damage to the fabric rolls is also a thing of the past with the new racks.

Getzner's textile weaving mill, a subsidiary of Getzner Textil AG, is a state-of-the-art jacquard weaving mill and produces clothing damasks for the West African region. The company's 233 employees manufacture several million running meters of raw material on 240 air jet weaving machines. The fabric rolls required for this are wound up on a roller. Originally, Getzner simply stored these fabric rolls on the floor in the basement of the production area. However, this made direct access to individual fabric rolls difficult, and damage often occurred during storage and retrieval. In addition, the company had little overview of the exact storage location.

For this reason, in 2018 Getzner decided to revise its warehouse concept. Instead of floor storage, the fabric rolls are now stored in a rack system from OHRA. The company is the European market leader for cantilever racks and uses only hot rolled, solid-walled steel profiles for all load-bearing elements on its racks. In this way, they achieve both high load capacity and stability. All cantilever racks are manufactured individually according to customer specifications, and versatile accessories allow a wide range of goods to be stored. For Getzner, OHRA equipped the 800-millimeter-long cantilever arms, each of which can carry up to 800 kilograms, with front tubes. These serve to gently prevent the materials over 2.5 m long from rolling off the arms. 

So far, OHRA has supplied and installed three cantilever racks on which fabric rolls can be stored over three levels. The columns – between 2.3 and 2.9 meters high – have been adapted to the roof level in the basement so that the space is optimally utilised. Further expansion of the warehouse with additional cantilever racks from OHRA is already being planned.

About Getzner's textile weaving mill:

Getzner Textil Weberei GmbH, in Gera / Thuringia since 1997, is a subsidiary of Getzner Textil AG, based in Bludenz, Austria. The group is the leading manufacturer of high-end African clothing damasks - these fabrics are also produced in Gera. Getzner is known as one of the world's leading suppliers of fashion fabrics, as well as coloured fabrics for shirts and corporate fashion. Technical fabrics complement the product range. The company employs around 1,700 staff at its headquarters and subsidiaries, 233 of these at the Gera location alone.

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