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Hagebau Bolay


pallet racking warehouse
pallet rack warehouse, rack-clad building
pallet racking warehouse
pallet racking warehouse, rack-clad building
pallet racking warehouse, galvanized

New warehouse erected with minimal construction time, thanks to rack-clad construction method

The Hagebau Garden Centre Bolay, located in Rutesheim near Stuttgart, has created a new space for its garden and landscaping products with cantilever and pallet racking from OHRA. Implementation of the new storage area as a partially enclosed building in a rack-clad construction method – in which the rack columns also serve as the load-bearing substructure for roof and wall – made a particularly short construction time possible. 

The existing warehouse in Rutesheim, which was already equipped with OHRA racks, did not offer enough capacity for further expansion of the range of gardening and landscaping goods. Consequently, Bolay decided to create a new storage area on a new site opposite the existing centre for expansion of the product range. The warehouse was to accommodate not only palletised goods weighing up to 1,500 kilograms, but also long goods with a length of up to 4,000 millimetres and components for metal fences. 

To store these varied goods, Bolay used a combination of pallet racks and cantilever racks. The company has been using OHRA racks for 30 years and is convinced of their durability and stability. Through using solid-wall steel profiles for all load-bearing elements, OHRA racking units achieve a high load-bearing capacity. In addition, the profiles can give way elastically in the event of impacts and they permanently retain their static properties. The rack columns provide a safe load-bearing structure for the roof and walls of the rack-clad warehouse, with a height of 9 meters and a length of 25 meters. 

OHRA's rack experts had already provided a very specific presentation of the planned warehouse during the quotation phase, thus the possibility of errors and misunderstandings in the planning could be excluded. The commissioning of long-standing partner companies for construction proved particularly effective, for example, when delays in the project required a high degree of flexibility in the construction of the 25 metre long and approximately 9 meter high rack-clad warehouse. 

About Hagebau Garden Centre Bolay:

In 1957 Elfriede and Werner Bolay founded the transport company Bolay in Rutesheim, Germany. Over the last 60 years, hagebau bolay has developed from this beginning and now has locations in Rutesheim, Ditzingen and Oberndorf am Neckar. On approx. 43,000 square metres, the Hagebau Garden Centre offers a versatile range of goods from sewer pipes to light bulbs, from U-stones to hyacinths. The company has approximately 250 employees.