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Central Warehouse for Timber Merchants

Doubling Storage Capacity with Mobile Cantilever Racks

The M. Hechenblaickner Holzhandelsgesellschaft (Timber Trading Company), timber merchants and market leader in southern Austria, has doubled the storage capacity at its central warehouse in Graz through the use of cantilever racks from OHRA. The racks are mounted on carriages – only the aisle from which goods are to be removed opens for the forklift.

At its central warehouse in Graz – the Wood Megastore – Hechenblaikner offers sawn timber, veneer, solid wood boards and semi-finished products for the construction of windows and doors across a floor space of 20,000 square meters. Until now the goods have been stored on the floor in piles. With the increasing number of stored articles this required ever more frequent laborious manipulations. With packets up to 6 meters long, over 1 meter wide and 3,000 kilos in weight this was extremely time consuming, furthermore the frequent handling often resulted in damage to the stored wood products.

In order to improve access times for the articles and optimise use of the storage area, Hechenblaickner made the decision to equip the central warehouse with mobile cantilever racks. The wood merchants in Graz chose OHRA, the cantilever rack specialists based in Kerpen, Germany, as supplier of the rack system: The company not only had experience in the construction of mobile cantilever racks, but was also able to offer the necessary service for future operations. A further advantage was the narrow rack stands manufactured from solid-walled, hot-rolled steel. This provided for wider aisles between the racks which could be accessed by both front loading and side loading forklifts.

OHRA was responsible for the assembly of the entire rack system. This included the installation of the tracks required for the carriages which took place outdoors before the construction of the actual hall. Of the total of ten 60 meter long cantilever racks with four to five levels and a total height of up to 9.2 meters, two were permanently screwed to the floor. The remaining eight were mounted on 58 meter long carriages from OHRA. The carriages are electrically powered and can be driven apart with a remote control operated from the forklift. Only the desired aisle opens – enabling the storage capacity of an existing area to be almost doubled.

Hechenblaickner can thus make optimal use of the storage space. Furthermore, the storage system provides a significantly improved overview of the available goods. At the same time, access times for the articles have been significantly reduced – orders taken in the evening can now be delivered the next day. As the packages of goods no longer need to be shifted as frequently it has also been possible to prevent damage to products.

About Hechenblaickner

The Hechenblaickner Holzhandelsgesellschaft m.b.H was founded in 1953. The Graz based company is a specialist for sawn timber, veneers and wood products. Thanks to the continual expansion of its product palette the company now offers one of the largest inventories of sawn timber, veneer, wooden window profiles and solid wood boards in Austria. The sales and delivery warehouse for carpenters, window makers and interior fitters is located in Graz. Austria’s most modern timber warehouse for sawn timber with air-conditioned hall and automatic high rack facility, modern halls with high racks for sawn timber, wooden window profiles and solid wood boards, together with Austria’s largest detail warehouse for veneer, guarantee speedy delivery.