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Ketten Gép: 60 percent more storage capacity with mobile pallet racking

Ketten Gép: 60 percent more storage capacity with mobile pallet racking

Ketten Gép, a dealer in the earth-moving and construction machine industry, head-quartered in Nagytarcsa near Budapest, Hungary, has modernised its spare parts warehouse with a warehouse solution from OHRA: By replacing the existing pallet warehouse with a mobile racking system, the storage capacity in the existing warehouse could be increased by 60 percent. To do so, the existing pallet racks were reused and OHRA pallet racking added and assembled on to three mobile trollies. Each of these mobile trollies carries up to 108 tons.

Ketten Gép not only trades with earth-moving equipment and construction machines, but also repairs these and offers relevant spare parts. The quick resolution of customer problems is the company's top priority – construction machines that are not being operated, do not earn money. For this reason, the company always has a large range of spare parts in stock, such as for example, rubber and steel chains for excavators, chain sprockets and even motor parts and axles. In addition, Ketten Gép also offers hydraulic auxiliary tools such as breaker heads or demolition shears for construction machines. Due to the ever-increasing range, the existing warehouse reached its limits, and Ketten Gép needed to find a solution that would allow them to significantly increase the storage capacity in the existing building.

For this, Ketten Gép integrated OHRA into the planning phase: The specialist for storage technology located in Kerpen near Cologne developed a customised concept for a mobile racking system.

The old, pallet racks, which had been installed by third party manufacturers, were assembled on to mobile trollies and OHRA pallet racks were added. At Ketten Gép, the 8.6 metre long mobile trollies run on four tracks. When accessing a storage compartment, only the aisle required is opened – with a width of 3.5 metres the side loader used by Ketten Gép can easily load or unload the goods. This results in a high level of use of space which is a great plus for the available storage capacity.

With a compartment load of 3 tons across five storage levels, the 5.5 metre high racks move at a speed of up to 4.8 metres per minute – an impressive sight, which customers love to watch, says Ketten Gép. 

Ketten Gép also found the speed with which the new warehouse was completed impressive: It took OHRA less than one month to dismantle the old racks, lay the tracks and assemble the mobile racks, including the control. According to Ketten Gép, OHRA is a perfect fit for their corporate philosophy: Quality products at affordable prices, speed and efficiency.

About Ketten Gép:

Ketten Gép was founded as a dealership for earth-moving and construction machines in 1993. The company is also an agent for VemaTrack, a supplier of mobile wagon parts and rubber and steel chains for bulldozers and excavators. It's second pillar is made up of hydraulic auxiliary products for excavators. Ketten Gép also has a branch in Nagytarcsa near Budapest.