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 Kraft Baustoffe


Kraft Baustoffe GmbH is the largest building materials supplier in southern Germany. With upto 40,000 sqm of storage space, all well-known construction materials brands are available for pickup or delivery. With new and extensive refurbishment in 2008, Kraft Gruppe presents itself today as one of the most modern building materials retail locations in Germany. These measures were necessary because of growing sales locations and a steadily increasing range of products.

In collaboration with the Planning Bureau of the Kraft Gruppe, OHRA has designed, manufactured and assembled the entire storage system. Depending on the products to be stored, the turnover rate and the handling, various shelving and storage systems are used.

So for example, cantilever racks were delivered in dip galvanized for outdoor use. Here, one can find all the products available, such as KG-pipes, concrete slabs or wooden planks on their places in the shelves. The scaffolds are partially covered and are equipped with grating as goods carriers. A particular challenge here was the sideways falling slanted roof, which was necessary because of land leveling.

Construction materials are stored by OHRA on pallets in both the indoor and outdoor areas in rugged pallet racks. In the individual shelf compartments with a clear width of 2,900 mm and pallets with supernatant can be easily stored.At the front of the pallet racks the proper and efficient commissioning transfer stations were attached. Furthermore, it could be integrated for the high capacity of individual containers within the framework of the pallet racking.

Between the pallet racking, OHRA has also integrated a storage platform with mounted pallet racks. The stage is 22.500 mm long and has a height of 4,500 mm. The column spacing is approximately 5,600 mm. While the stage was created under a so-called block storage, the upper part of the stage could be equipped with additional pallet racks.

For "fast-spinning" articles on Euro pallets, OHRA installed in a modern and robust flow rack for Kraft. Thanks to a height of nearly 10 meters 5 storage levels with a run length of 7650 mm could be realized. In the middle of the shelf blocks a commissioning was taken into account. The palletized product is loaded from one side and by means of roller conveyors transported to the output site. Thus, the storage principle "Fi-Fo" (first in - first out) is respected.

Lanes were built between different storage systems, where multi-axle trucks can be easily loaded. An effective control system within the storage area provides a smooth transfer.

Overall, a modern and economical building material storage was created for the Kraft Gruppe, which could be realized within a short time through the early collaboration between the Planning bureau and OHRA.