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mejo Metall Josten

New storage capacities for reliable deliveries

mejo Metall Josten — manufacturer and supplier of custom aluminium profiles — has multiplied its storage space with a new logistics centre. The company has used cantilever racks from OHRA to store its extruded profile bundles, which are up to 6100 millimetres long and weigh up to 1.5 tons. The versality of the clipped cantilever arms was particularly impressive, as was the option of adapting the racks to mejo's individual requirements. Thanks to the significant expansion of their storage options, mejo now has around 4800 tons of aluminium profiles in stock - thereby ensuring its customers consistent, reliable delivery capability.

mejo made the decision to build a new logistics centre in Viersen, Germany after the warehouse capacities at the company's headquarters in Düsseldorf reached its limits. The warehouse is three times the size of the old central warehouse in Düsseldorf and offers enough space for future storage and production requirements over an area of 3200 square metres. 

Since OHRA's cantilever racks had already proven their worth in the storage of profile bundles at the old location, mejo also equipped the new warehouse with racks from the European market leader for cantilever racks. OHRA cantilever racks offer mejo better economic efficiency compared to the fully automated high-bay warehouses commonly used in the metal trade. In addition, the clip-in cantilever arms, whose position can be changed without tools, avoids damaging the stock, as they move sideways and upwards in the event of impact.

The eleven single and double-sided racks, some of which are up to 36.8 meters long, were precisely adapted to mejo's requirements in terms of centre distance, height and arm load. The cantilever arms themselves were also individually tailored to the width of the stored profile bundles with an arm length of 1500 millimetres. Thanks to the use of solid steel profiles for all load-bearing elements, eleven storage levels (with bases) could be achieved with a column height of 7840 millimetres. 

The new location together with its storage capacity now provides the optimal conditions for further growth of the company as well as for simplified logistical processes.

mejo Metall Josten:

mejo Metall Josten GmbH & Co. KG has been a manufacturer of custom aluminium profiles, ITEM and BOSCH compatible mechanical engineering profiles and aluminium composite panels since 1932. The company has access to a range of 30 extrusion presses with pressures between 600 and 8000 tons and is one of the top addresses for honeycomb panels in Germany. Their own brands, No Name Construction®, No Name Halbzeug® and No Name Solar® are based on the concept of not binding the customer to a specific and expensive range with specific custom accessories. Meanwhile, mejo has become one of the largest brand manufacturers for ITEM and BOSCH compatible aluminium grooved profiles and strut profiles in Germany.

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