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Recup Auto


240 instead of 96 cars in the same space

To be able to store even more vehicles in the space available, the French car recycling company Récup Auto has expanded its storage capacity with 30 individual cantilever racks from OHRA. The racks are over five metres high and can safely store four cars on top of each other. In addition, each vehicle can be accessed specifically without having to be relocated - this reduces damage and increases safety for employees.

More space needed
Récup Auto stores around 1,500 vehicles on its 3.5-hectare site in Caudan, Brittany, to recycle them sustainably and recover spare parts. Previously, the cars were parked on the floor, which not only took up a lot of space, but also meant that they had to be moved time and again. Therefore, considerable time was wasted, and the cumbersome handling also resulted in damage to the vehicles and the spare parts obtained from them. Récup Auto therefore decided to equip an 840 square metre area with cantilever racking from OHRA.

For end-of-life vehicles weighing up to 2.2 tonnes 
OHRA, European market leader for cantilever racking, installed a total of 30 double-sided racks at Récup Auto. The racking uprights are 5.61 metres tall, with the top storage levels at 5 metres. Thanks to their construction from hot-rolled, solid steel profiles, the racking offers a high load-bearing capacity, robustness and durability: Each of the 1,800 millimetre long cantilever arms can carry up to 1,100 kilograms. The 30 racks were arranged in five rows. Guide rails are fitted to the bases of the racks to protect the racks from collision damage and facilitate manoeuvring with the forklift truck.

Storage capacity more than doubled
Thanks to the new racking system, Récup Auto can now store 240 vehicles in the same space as 96 were originally stored. In addition, less handling or manoeuvring is required as each car in the rack can be accessed directly. This not only makes feeding them into the recycling process more economical, but also reduces damage so that more spare parts of better quality can be recovered.