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Reifenhäuser Reiloy


24 Hours Faster

Reifenhäuser Reiloy, a specialist for highly wear-resistant barrels and screws for extrusion and injection moulding processes, has brought the raw materials and finished goods previously stored externally back into its own factory by building a new production and shipping warehouse. The company installed five heavy-duty cantilever racks from OHRA to store the components, which weigh up to 8 tonnes and are up to 10 metres long. This enabled Reifenhäuser Reiloy to significantly shorten the throughput times for the storage and retrieval processes and completely save the costs for external warehousing.

Reduce Storage Costs, Accelerate Access
The previous storage of the required raw materials and finished goods at an external logistics service provider caused high storage costs. Above all, there was no direct access to the goods with this solution. It took around 24 hours for the required goods to arrive at the factory from the external warehouse. Therefore, the company decided to regain direct access to the goods with its own warehouse.

Designed for Heavy Duty
For this purpose, Reifenhäuser Reiloy equipped a 1,200 square metre warehouse with cantilever racks from OHRA: The company is one of the market leaders for heavy-duty storage technology in Europe. Robust cantilever and pallet racking made of hot-rolled steel profiles combine high load-bearing capacities with a slim, space-saving design. In the Reifenhäuser Reiloy warehouse, OHRA installed five racks between 20 and 30 metres long, each with seven storage levels. Each of the uprights, which are over 5.5 metres high, is designed for a total load of 15,600 kilograms, and each of the 800mm long cantilever arms can carry up to 1,300 kilograms. The cantilever arms are clipped in and can be infinitely adjusted at any time without tools and thus adapted to different heights of the stored goods. To prevent the barrels and screws from being damaged during storage and transport, Reifenhäuser Reiloy stores them on pallets. Therefore, OHRA equipped all the storage levels with metal gratings. Each of these gratings can bear a load of 1,600 kilograms per square metre. This means that even the heaviest components can be flexibly stored in the racks. The racking is operated in a space-saving manner with a side stacker - guide rails attached to the racking bases "guide" the stacker safely through the aisles.

Lead Times Significantly Reduced
With the new storage system, Reifenhäuser Reiloy can now completely save the costs for external storage. On average, the storage and retrieval processes also take place 24 hours earlier and production and dispatch can now access the stored items at short notice. Moreover, damage due to weathering, which has occurred time and again in the past, is completely avoided. "Compared to previous contract awards, we were completely convinced by the overall package of OHRA," concludes Thomas Huhn, Head of Operations at Reifenhäuser Reiloy. "As a reference project, this project has a high reputation within the Reifenhäuser Group and has also brought OHRA follow-up orders.

About Reifenhäuser Reiloy:
Reifenhäuser Reiloy GmbH, founded in 1971, manufactures and processes highly wear-resistant barrels and screws for extrusion and injection moulding processes at its Troisdorf site. With its own hard alloys and processes, the company achieves particularly high-quality wear protection that reliably protects components from abrasion, adhesion and corrosion. Reifenhäuser Reiloy with its approximately 200 employees is part of the Reifenhäuser Group. With its highly specialised business units, it is the leading supplier of innovative technologies and components for plastics extrusion. Founded in 1911, the family business delivers high-tech solutions all over the world. With its technologies and the know-how of its 1,750 employees, the Reifenhäuser Group forms the world's largest competence network for plastics extrusion technology.