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Fabricados Reyna: Storage capacity increased by 50% with cantilever racks

The continual growth of Fabricados Reyna, a manufacturer of melamine and veneered boards based near Madrid, led to a demand for increased warehouse storage space. To respond to this challenge, the company installed around 120 running metres of cantilever racks from OHRA. The racks offer seven storage levels with a column height of 6,580 mm, allowing the space in the warehouse to be optimised and increasing storage capacity by 50%. 

Fabricados Reyna’s product portfolio encompasses more than 30,000 items, most of which are always available in the main warehouse at Cubas de la Sagra. The melamine boards alone are available in 65 designs, nine different finishes and in thicknesses between 3 and 40 mm in MDF or agglomerate. 

To ensure that they could continue to ship their growing product range with a short turnaround time, Fabricados Reyna installed two 36.9m rows as well as one 45m row of OHRA cantilever racks. OHRA, the European market leader in cantilever racks, uses solid-walled hot rolled steel profiles for all load-bearing elements, thereby ensuring a high load-bearing capacity and an especially slim construction design. This keeps the storage footprint small and compact. Fabricados Reyna’s newly installed, double-sided cantilever racks have a load-bearing capacity of 4,200kgs per column per side; each of the boltless, height-adjustable arms carries up to 700kgs with an arm length of 1,200 mm. 

By installing OHRA racks the company did not just increase their storage capacity by 50%. Since the cantilever racks also allow for fast direct access to the different boards, they were also able to simplify and speed up the order picking process in the warehouse.

About Fabricados Reyna:

Founded in 1963, Fabricados Reyna, S.A. specialises in the manufacture, storage and distribution of melamine and veneered boards as well as a wide range of edging tapes. Alongside their catalogue products which are always in stock, the company can also produce to order. Today Fabricados Reyna has over 60 employees and a distribution network with 1,200 sales outlets and 19 sales representatives all over Spain.

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