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Röhrenhandel Appenzell


pallet racking galvanized
pallet racking warehouse
pallet racking with roof
pallet racking with roof
pallet racking with roof
pallet racking with roof

Robust, weather-proof, and attractive too

Röhrenhandel Appenzell AG have increased their storage capacity with new cantilever and pallet racking from OHRA in order to offer an even larger portfolio of building materials and supplies for tradespeople. The following construction specifications had to be observed while creating the warehouse: The frames of the indoor pallet racking were placed in such a way as to let a goods lift take materials down to the basement floor. The external racking has been designed to withstand high snow and wind loads. Additionally, a façade made of native woods has been fitted to the racking installed at the edges of the premises so that it fits in aesthetically with Appenzell’s land-use plan.

Röhrenhandels Appenzell’s product portfolio covers items for civil engineering, as well as for building construction, landscaping and assorted concrete goods. Tradespeople will also find a wide array of tools and work clothing. To store all these different items, the company opted for a combination of pallet and cantilever racks by OHRA. A part of these were installed in a warehouse and part externally. The new warehouse has room for around 1000 Euro-pallets and is served by forklift trucks and pallet stackers. 

Röhrenhandels Appenzell already had OHRA racking installed in the previous warehouses and is convinced of the robustness of the racks, constructed out of high-quality hot-rolled steel profiles. However, the possibility of adapting the racking to the company’s requirements was also an important factor when making their choice. As such, the frames of the pallet racks installed in the warehouse had to be placed to allow access to the basement floor of the facility by means of a goods lift only. The parts were then constructed in such a way as to let them be taken apart again, for example in the event of relocation. 

The pallet and cantilever racks installed externally are equipped with a roof to protect the stored goods; OHRA provided the uprights and the corresponding roof arms, and the roof covering was supplied by a local building firm. In doing so, OHRA designed the statics of the racking to withstand the high snow loads to be expected in Appenzell of up to 484 kilograms per square metre, and wind loads of up to 110 kilograms per square metre. 

At the same time, the external racking had to comply with the “Homeland Protection Requirements” in force in Appenzell: These requirements stipulated a non-shiny roof covering, roof drainage with retention - special drains control the rain water, detaining it on the roof - as well as panelling made of unprocessed native woods to disguise the racking on the street side. The new racking now fits in harmoniously to its surroundings.

About Röhrenhandel Appenzell:

Pipe production began in the Canton soon after the war as a public-sector company under the name of Röhri. Later, the pipes stopped being manufactured and the company only sold the piping. The firm was converted into a stock company in 2002 and has been managed privately since then as Röhrenhandel Appenzell AG. The range of products has been broadened continuously from that point on, and now includes items for building construction, landscaping and tradesperson’s supplies alongside a variety of civil engineering products. Buyers pick up their goods at the store, but large quantities are transported directly to the building site with the company’s own crane truck. Today, Röhrenhandel Appenzell AG is the market leader in the region. Five employees generate a turnover of several million Swiss francs per year.