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Rosa Catene


Cantilever racks for bar stock and strip sheet metal

Greater capacity in the newly built warehouse

Rosa Catene, one of Italy's leading manufacturers of industrial chains, have built a new raw material warehouse at their Calolziocorte site. In this connec-tion, the rack structure sourced from OHRA is also a bearing element for the roof. This solution does not just bring cost benefits compared to conventional structures; rather, it makes it possible to easily extend the warehouse at any time.

At their Caloziocorte site, Rosa Catene produce chains for agricultural, industri-al and commercial applications. The company's ongoing growth made it neces-sary to build a new raw material warehouse for palletized strip sheet metal and bundled steel rods. OHRA was awarded the contract to build the warehouse: The company headquartered in Kerpen, Germany, specializes in cantilever rack systems and convinced Rosa Catene by presenting a concept in which the stands of the rack supports were at the same time a bearing structure for the building. In the suggested concept, the roof elements of the six rows of racks overlap. This results in a completely covered modular warehouse that can be easily extended in the future. In addition, this structure offers considerable cost benefits and can be constructed much more quickly than a conventional build-ing.

The overall warehouse has floorspace of about 900 square metres and consists of five 30-metre-long rows of double-sided cantilever racks and one single-sided row of racks. OHRA's rack systems are made of stable, hot-rolled steel profiles that make possible tall overall heights and high load-bearing capacities. In addition, the robust construction reduces the time and costs of repairs and maintenance of conventional rack structures made of sheet metal profiles that result from collision damage or similar issues.

On the first three rows of racks, the bundled bar stock measuring 6,500 millime-tres in length and weighing 4,000 kilogrammes is stored on a double deep basis on nine levels. The rack supports of the racks are suspended and it is possible to align them to the millimetre – this guarantees uniform loading of the stored goods. These aisles are serviced by means of a fourway sideloader that is guided via rails that are attached to the stands. The rest of the rows of racks are equipped with arm bridges, which provide a continuous storage area on seven levels. Here, the company stores palletized strip sheet metal weighing up to 1,200 kilogrammes. These aisles are serviced by means of a fork lift truck.

The rack system with suspended rack supports makes possible a high degree of flexibility – depending on the requirements, it is possible to change and re-place the storage locations of the different materials.

About Rosa Catene Spa

The company has been producing chains for industrial applications at its site at Calolziocorte, Italy since 1924. Since 1995, the company has been doing busi-ness as ROSA CATENE SPA; it is still owned by the Rosa family. They manu-facture high-quality chains for a range of different applications: For conveyor belts, drive systems, lifts and many other things too.