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Schyns GmbH


Rack Warehouse for the Timber Trade

A Complete Solution from One Supplier

Following a major fire, the warehouse of the company Schyns, one of the leading timber merchants in the district of Rhein-Seig, had to be rebuilt within the shortest possible time. Schyns decided in favour of rack systems from OHRA. The Kerpen-based specialist for cantilever racks completed the construction of the new 3,385 square meter rack warehouse as primary contractor. Thus, from the initial planning to assembly, all the building phases were carried out by one contractor, enabling the project to be realised in just seven months.

As a wholesale and retail company, Schyns GmbH, based in Siegburg, offers a comprehensive range of wood products for private and commercial customers – from solid construction timber to summer houses. The wood articles are stored in a rack warehouse which has been continually expanded over the last 20 years. Thus, during the course of time, a complete warehouse was built up from individual rack aisles and later duplicated, allowing the entire warehouse to grow with the company.

From the very beginning Schyns opted for cantilever racks from OHRA. On the one side the system convinced thanks to its robust character – all supporting elements are made from solid-walled, hot-rolled steel. The profiles can yield elastically in the event of collisions, thus maintaining their statical properties even under rough warehouse conditions. Furthermore, the stable construction allows for great storage heights – at Schyns the upper storage level is at a height of 6 meters. On the other side, the arms of the OHRA racks are not bolted or welded to the stands, instead they are hung in place. Thus in the event of knocks from the forklift truck or goods they can deflect – arm and goods remain undamaged. The rack stands are perforated in a 100 mm grid, in which the arms are hung, providing for flexibility. The arms can be adjusted without the use of tools so that the racks can be adapted to changing conditions.

Thus, following the rack warehouse fire Schyns again commissioned OHRA with the building of the new warehouse. The specialists from Kerpen not only supplied and assembled the required rack systems, they also undertook the complete planning of the new building - from the first drawings to the static calculations. As OHRA was the primary contractor for the construction of the new warehouse the project schedule could be tightened: The entire project, with an investment volume of 1 million Euros, was completed in just 7 months.

About Schyns

Schyns GmbH was founded in 1947 by Heinrich Schyns as a wholesale timber merchants. 30 years later his son Karl-Heinz took over the running of the company. Karl-Heinz Schyns was co-founder of the HolzLand cooperation, and accordingly, the wholesale company was expanded with the addition of the retail business in 1985. Since 2003 the company has been run by Heiner Schyns, the grandson of the founder. With a retails sales area of 2,000 square meters, the specialist outlet offers a comprehensive range of wood products from squared timber and flooring to wooden toys. The wholesale outlet for the wood-processing trade is the family company’s second line of business and currently employs a staff of 15.