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Sistema implements maximum storage density using OHRA cantilever racks

Long Goods Store For Aluminium Window Profiles

In conjunction with OHRA, logistics specialist Sistema srl of Collegno, Italy, set up a new store for window profiles for the F.T. alluminio srl company based in Volpiano, Italy. Thanks to the massive steel profiles of the cantilever racks made by OHRA, it was possible when doing this of achieving ten percent greater storage capacity compared to the solutions offered by competitors.

F.T. alluminio is part of the Fresia alluminio spa group that develops and markets high energy-efficient systems for aluminium window frames. The company's logistics centre is located at Volpiano: Here, in a 22,500 square metre roofed space, the firm moves around 4,000 tonnes of aluminium profiles every year. To ensure further growth and to improve customer service, F.T. alluminio tasked the logistics experts at Sistema amongst other things with modernising the long goods store at the Volpiano site.

Sistema tasked OHRA Regalanlagen GmbH – which is based in Kerpen, Germany and is the European market leader specialising in cantilever racks – with supplying the necessary rack systems. Once Sistema had optimized the logistical processes and chosen a fully automatic crane system for storage and retrieval, OHRA experts optimized the cantilever rack store to maximize its possible storage capacity.

When doing this, the planners benefited from the stands of the OHRA racks that are made of massive profile steel. Because it was possible to fully exploit the existing height of the premises: Despite the height of 13.7 metres, the stands are freely positioned in the space such that the crane is not obstructed – the maximum permissible sag of 1/200 at the top of the stand is still not exceeded even when fully loaded. It was also possible to install an additional single row of racks thanks to the stable stands compared to the original plan – and what the competition had on offer. This meant that the storage capacity was increased by about ten percent.

Overall, Sistema implemented 30 rows with double-sided cantilever racks and five rows with single-sided ones. On the 17 storage levels with 550 millimetre-long rack supports, it is possible to store storage units measuring up to 6,500 millimetres long that weigh about 500 kilogrammes. By implementing the project together, Sistema and OHRA managed to achieved a high storage density on reduced space for Fresia alluminio.

About Fresia alluminio spa

Fresia alluminio was founded more than 40 years ago. Today, the company headquartered in Turin, Italy is the market leader in energy-efficient aluminium windows and doors. With about 90 staff members, the company has sales of over 30 million Euros. In addition to their logistics centre at Volpiano, which also includes a production facility, the company operates another storage facility at Vado Ligure.

About OHRA

OHRA Regalanlagen GmbH, located in Kerpen near Cologne, supplies warehouse and rack systems, amongst other things for building material and metal suppliers as well as the timber industry. OHRA, the European market leader and specialist for cantilever racks, has developed, amongst other things, the self-securing, suspended cantilever rack support, which sets the standard for all of today’s cantilever rack systems. It is deflected in the event of an impact and also prevents damage to the stored goods. OHRA exclusively uses high quality, solid-walled, hot-rolled standard structural steel for its rack systems. OHRA, in permanent partnership with selected warehouse and materials handling technology suppliers, provides complete system solutions for cantilever and palette racks, also as primary contractor. This includes automated solutions with rack operation equipment, order picking stations, freely configurable warehouse administration software and material flow calculator. OHRA has its own sales offices in 13 European countries.