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Staatstheater Karlsruhe


The National Theatre in Karlsruhe has achieved large cost-savings by centralising warehouses for scenes and costumes from different locations in the town, to one big warehouse.

In the industrial area of Killisfeld, the new warehouse of the National Theatre was built under the overall control of the building group Züblin, considering the latest points of progressive storage technology for such superior goods like costumes and scenes.

The solution for the storage of costumes has been found with a double-floor storage mezzanine with a total space of 3,200 m². The costumes can now be stored in shelves and mobile racks. The mezzanine construction triples the base and can be dismantled; then a 9 m high storage room would remain. A real flexible and forward-looking type of construction for a warehouse.

Due to the large volume, the scenes are very difficult to store, especially because they have to be in a direct access for a quick and cost-saving change of the scenes. At the end, the solution was a mobile cantilever rack system. The big pallets (2.2 x 6 m) are stored in 3 levels with a level height of 2.1 m each onto the 2.5 m long arms. 6 mobile wagons with a single length of 60 m for the double-sided cantilever racks get installed in the National Theatre in Karlsruhe . The requirements regarding the protection against fire have been fulfilled by means of flexible hose systems which were led from a fix station to each mobile wagon. The same solution has been applied before in the warehouse of the National Opera House in Zurich.