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Pallet and Cantilever Racks for Building Materials

Higher Quality Thanks to Individual Rack Systems at team baucenter

The team baucenter in Eggebek, market leader in the fields of building materials supply and DIY stores in north Germany, has succeeded in significantly improving the quality of its goods storage with a new warehouse. The products are now protected from the elements. Cantilever and pallet racks from the Kerpen based warehousing specialists OHRA, individually tailored to the different articles, reduce damage to the stored goods.

Up to now, team baucenter stored building materials in a partially covered block storage facility. In addition, timber with lengths of up to 13 m was stored in an outside rack. However, the roofed storage capacity was low and the wood was partially exposed to the elements. Handling goods in the block storage facility repeatedly resulted in damage to the products.

It is for this reason that team baucenter decided to improve the quality of storage with a new warehouse. It offers more room for a wide variety of goods and enables the entire product range to be brought together – the basis for short order picking paths. Above all, the new warehouse enables more goods to be stored under cover and the loading and unloading of the HGV is now carried out protected from the elements.

An important component in the improvement in storage quality are the racks from OHRA Regalanlagen GmbH: Thanks to the rack systems’ modular concept it was possible to precisely tailor the racks to the respective product type, enabling a diverse range of articles to be optimally stored. As a result it has been possible to significantly reduce wear and tear, damage and destruction of the stored goods, or even completely prevent it.

The experts from OHRA assembled 17 rows of pallet racks (each with ca. 130 pallet places) and ten rows of cantilever racks. The racks are 7.5 meters high and have a length of between 27 and 31 meters. Depending on the product, the goods are stored over four to five levels. Handling is carried out using electric and multiway forklifts.

The assembly of the entire rack facility was completed by OHRA in just three weeks. In total, team baucenter invested around Euro 320,000 in the new rack system which was put into operation in December 2012.

About team baucenter

What began with the supply of cement and screws in Eggebek in 1974 has now developed into an established player and contact point for both construction companies and private builders. Hundreds of team baucenter employees are in action at a total of 20 locations, accompanying clients from the beginning of their building project through to completion. The company, now market leader in north Germany, offers both wholesale and foreign trade in building materials in Eggebek, as well as operating a retail and garden centre at the site. In total, the 79 employees in Eggebek generated a turnover of 27 million Euros.