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The THERMOWAVE Gesellschaft für Wärmetechnik mbH is an international market leader in the field of plate heat transfer.

Plate heat exchangers consist of pressed profile sheets, which are teamed up detachably by tightening screws between a fixed and a movable frame plate. Such plate heat exchangers are used for example for cooling solutions in a frozen system or in the sterilization of drinking water. In general, such heat exchangers are needed to produce certain temperatures, be it in the freezer area as well as during heat generation by steam. The secure heat transfer processes are especially important in the area of chemistry, air conditioning and refrigeration technology for the food industry.

To manufacture these devices steel sheets are used, which must be supplied as coils and upstream for subsequent production. The coils have, depending on the component, various fixed widths and are therefore of different severity.

For the storage of coils THERMOWAVE decided for robust cantilever coil by OHRA. The specially developed coilarm by OHRA has a capacity of up to 15 tons per arm and is therefore particularly suitable for the storage of heavy coils. The entry and removal of the coils is provided through a telescoping C-hook. Thus, the coils are transported directly from the shelf to the cutting system. Here are then the desired plate cut to length and then further processed, for example, for applications such as a press.

In addition to the raw materials also other parts like ex: Flanges stored in rugged cantilever racks are used. These flanges are required for connection to the finished heat exchanger. 4 Flanges are used per every plate heat exchangers. Thus, a correspondingly high number of these pieces are always available from stock.