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1,000 Cubic Metres of Wood with Direct Access

Ubrankovics, one of the best-known prefabricated house manufacturers in Hungary, has put five new rows of OHRA cantilever racks into operation. This is the last stage of a continuous expansion of storage capacities for the time being: Currently, 13 rows of racks up to 5.5 metres high offer space for 1,000 cubic metres of wood. The expansion of the racking system was the basis for the expansion of capacities in production; among other things, a new CNC machine area is continuously fed with raw material from the warehouse. The high stock level ensures a reliable supply to production; storage in cantilever racks instead of floor storage also significantly increases overall productivity.

Demand For Storage Capacity Is Growing
Originally, Ubrankovics stored the up to 13-metre-long beams and components needed for production in a floor storage area outside. However, as the items were stored stacked on top of each other, access to special components was cumbersome and time-consuming. Above all, however, the capacities of this form of storage quickly reached their limits with the continuously growing production. To create larger storage capacities on the existing outdoor area, Ubrankovics decided to replace the block storage with cantilever racking.

For this, the company relied on a storage solution from OHRA, the European market leader for cantilever racking. Thanks to the flexible, height-adjustable cantilever arms, the racks offer smooth adjustment of storage heights; the slim design made of durable, hot-rolled steel profiles is the basis for compact storage on a small footprint.

Productivity Continuously Increased
The racks installed at Ubrankvics are up to 5.5 metres high, with each cantilever arm carrying a load of up to 800 kilograms. The first racks were put into operation back in 2016, and since then the system has been continuously expanded. A total of 13 racking rows are currently in use, which are operated by a four-way stacker and a side stacker.

Due to the continuously expanded storage capacities and the significantly easier access to the material compared to the floor storage, the efficiency in the warehouse could be increased considerably. In addition, the high stock level of around one third of the annual timber requirement ensures a continuous, reliable supply to production . All in all, the cantilever racking warehouse has steadily increased the company's overall productivity.

About Ubrankovics Kft.:
The family business Ubrankovics Kft was founded in 1990 and is now one of the best-known manufacturers of prefabricated timber houses in Hungary. The company, based in Ágfalva, designs, manufactures, and installs log houses and large-scale, energy-saving houses in Hungary, Austria and Slovakia. Special attention is paid to environmentally conscious, architectural solutions that use traditional raw materials and represent traditional values. In 2011, the company became the first Hungarian manufacturer to receive European Technical Approval (ETA - 11/0279) from Holzforschung Austria, one of the best-known certification institutes in the EU.