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Compact storage and maximizing of storage capacity

The Spanish company URKOITIK SL with businesses in Pamplona and Tudela is a certified company from the construction materials industry. Its product portfolio includes almost all products from the areas of sanitation, care and rehabilitation. Examples include PVC pipes, valves, hoses and the matching accessories.

The growing need and growing market in Spain, the existing warehouse on the property of the customer was not sufficient anymore. Due to the "chaotic" storage, which was mainly of PVC and metal pipes, the base of the open ground was quickly spoilt. The tube bundles were scattered all over the storage facility and one had to go inside several times and search for the required grades. This loss of time during maneuvering of the product soon became apparent. During a year the lost time grew to several thousand hours and have even led to the fact that orders have been canceled because the customer was not able to overcome the logistical challenge anymore.

In addition, the problem was that for the loading and unloading of the trucks a large space was needed, partly because the goods were moved with a classical front forklift. Overall, the customer was not satisfied with the storage and handling of the products. The tubes stored on the ground were easily damaged, and accidents during maneuvering between different base packages was unavoidable.

When visiting a constuction materials exhibition in Spain the first contact with OHRA was made. The exhibited Shelving system impressed customers very much and a date for meeting was agreed upon in a short time at the customer site. The Spanish advisers of OHRA have seen the situation on the ground and the customer has explained to him the issue.

Subsequently, the consultant worked on the basis of information obtained from a warehouse to the various requirements for the storage demand. The concept was to store the voluminous PVC and metal pipes in Drive-in. This shelf system makes it possible to store bundles of same pipes and also different varieties and sizes. Depending on your needs these items can be compactly stored in different levels compactly and space can be saved.

The principle works like a "drive-in" system. The truck driver drives into it with the cargo to a rack aisle and places the bundle of both consecutive and superimposed onto the sturdy cantilevers - without loss of space and clear. From storage in different storage levels in the amount the customer can now increase the storage capacity on the same base several times over. In addition, instead of a front now a multiple-sided forklift truck is used for handling. This forklift type needs thanks to its functioning and type it uses a lot less space than the classic Forklift Truck.

The result is now a considerable advantage in picking different bundles. Due to the orderly storage of various kinds and sizes, with direct access , trucks can now be loaded and unloaded in a few minutes. Dramatic time savings compared to the previous "chaotic" storage with complicated logistical maneuvers.

As a complement to the Drive in- OHRA also delivered and assembled robust cantilever. Here, the grades are stored, which are required less frequently. The tube bundles are stored here in several superimposed layers. Thanks to the cantilever length of up to 2,500 mm, the customer can also store 2 consecutive pipe packets on a plain area.

The newly established warehouse at URKOITIK SL is now organized systematically perfect for the incoming goods to outgoing goods. The combination of a break-in and cantilever racks proves to be the optimal solution for a mixed stock. Shorter distances, direct access, increased storage capacity, no damage to the goods, reduced risk of accidents - an overall better service for customers and a significant added value with little effort for URKOITIK SL.

The complete system can be upgraded at any time as demand increases due to the modular system of OHRA. Even the conversion of cantilever system to a Drive-in is possible due to the modular design.