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Walker Timber Ltd., Schottland


Walker Timber Ltd., the Timber Frame Company based in Scotland is now using OHRA D/Sided Cantilever Racking Units to store Roof Trusses which have been produced and are waiting shipment.

This method of supporting the newly made Trusses is a great improvement on the previous system because of the adjustability, and the point of contact is on the bottom Timber Beam of the Truss, which is where the truss is designed to be supported.

Previously Walker Timber had constructed themselves a “racking system” from Timber Units which had broken due to damage from contact with the Fork Truck etc. These had little Load Rating, and no adjustment. Newly made Trusses of all sizes and weights had been stored on these fragile Frames, and sometimes the Trusses were in contact with the ground on the section of the Truss overhang, which didn’t support the truss correctly prior to shipment.

Prior to the OHRA design, the people at Walker Timber had considered a box section Metal Frame support arrangement which had no adjustment, no Load Rating and was considered very expensive.

The OHRA Cantilever Racking Units are Hot-Dipped Galvanized which is an important factor for outside use, as this location is close to the sea and can be affected by salt in the air which may accelerate corrosion, the OHRA system is guaranteed for 25 years against corrosion.

The easily adjustable Arms uses and adjusting screw to increase the slope of the Arms, which make sure the pack of trusses lean back to the specially prepared support Beams on the Cantilever Columns. This ensures the Trusses are supported in the height to prevent bowing.

These 3 column Cantilever Units can be used in multiples, and connected together with distance tubes for extra stability. They are also available as S/Sided Racks.